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We had the good fortune to talk with Tash, founder of the Etsy shops Unmeasured Events and Unmeasured Designs, with a total of more than 308,000 sales. Tash tells us about how she got started on Etsy and how she keeps her customers satisfied.

What is your background? And when did you discover Etsy?
I actually have a Bachelor of Science in Dietetics and Sports Nutrition. I'm much more of a creative than a science person and am a self-taught graphic designer. I discovered Etsy in 2017 when I was selling business card templates. I've transitioned to weddings and events since then.
What is the story behind UnmeasuredEvent?
I used to work on the Events team at the American Heart Association in Denver. I made invitations and marketing collateral for a variety of charity events they hosted. With this experience, I ended up making my own wedding invitations when I got married in 2015 because at the time, I was living in Poland and wasn't really sure how to plan from abroad. I created my invitations in Photoshop, had them printed via VistaPrint, and shipped them out to my mom in Colorado. I never really thought of selling them. When I created my own business cards later on and people started asking for them, I opened shop. I didn't do much with weddings until 2019 though. Not sure why because I find that wedding vibes fit my personality much better. I now specialize mainly in events and I love my brides! They have such a vision for their weddings and it makes the job so much more fun when I get to contribute to such a special day in their lives.
Do you sell on any other platform than Etsy?
I do! I also have a standard website which can be found at I don't have my full product line on there yet just due to time constraints but I find it to be a bit more flexible than Etsy for a few features.
You recently started a new Etsy shop, Unmeasured Designs. Can you tell us a little bit more about it? What are your plans for it?
This is actually an old shop that I reopened recently. It coordinates well with Unmeasured Event as it provides bachelorette party shirts and baby jumpsuits to match the parties in Unmeasured Event. A super fun way to coordinate the entire day.
How do you come up with new product ideas for your shop?
I have literally no clue. I see a texture or a color somewhere and an idea pops into my head. I have about 40 unfinished designs in the shop because I'm constantly coming up with new ideas.
Your shop has more than 308,000 sales. What do you do to keep your customers happy and coming back?
I try to give my customers as much detail about their purchase before, during, and after purchase. I provide extremely detailed instructions about personalizing and printing their products. Craftkit has made this 1000 times easier because the information is now sent via email directly after purchase. It gives my customers a contact point so if they are having trouble, they reply directly to me via email and the issues get resolved much faster than them having to find me back on Etsy. I think my customers are so much happier now because they have all the information at their fingertips. With my physical product store, this is especially useful because customers receive a shipment notification. They know everything is on track right away and I think it makes them much more comfortable with their purchase.
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