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Help Etsy sellers increase revenue with email marketing and earn money while you are at it with Craftkit’s affiliate program.

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Why Craftkit?

All-in-one platform Email Marketing platform

Craftkit provides sellers with all the tools they need to succeed with email marketing.

Increase sales with smart product recommendations

Sellers can include product recommendations in their emails using our recommendations engine, which will encourage customers to return.

Craftkit pays for itself quickly

Sellers can easily keep track of how their emails are increasing revenue. The increased revenue pays for the Craftkit subscription many times over.

Etsy Seller Tash

“Coaches and gurus in the e-commerce world recommend email marketing, and with Craftkit, there is an approved way to do it. Our open rate varies from 20-30%, which is insanely high for e-commerce emails."


Founder of Ringcrush


  • » You get 40% of the revenue for 12 months from every customer you bring us.
  • » You get your own affiliate link.
  • » The "cookie duration" is 30 days.
  • » We make payouts to your account on the first of every month.
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