Grow your Etsy shop with email marketing

Craftkit is an email marketing tool for Etsy sellers. With automated email campaigns, you can boost customer loyalty and grow your revenue. Get started in less than a minute and give it a try.

Frequently asked questions

How does Craftkit help with selling more on Etsy?

After a customer makes a purchase, we send out up to four different emails (you decide how many) during the customer journey. In the emails you can for example inform about possible shipping delays, provide information about how to take care of the product the customer bought, or tell an interesting story about your shop.

In the emails, we will also include relevant product recommendations from your shop. These recommendations typically add 10-20% of revenue to a shop.

How do you connect to my Etsy shop?

We are using the Etsy API to read data from your Etsy account. We use the data to keep track of when to send emails and which products we should recommend to your customers.

How do you handle my Etsy shop data?

Data privacy is crucial. We store the smallest amount of data possible. We only use your data to send emails, make recommendations, and to keep track of attribution. Nothing more.

Is it against Etsy's policies to email customers?

No, but it depends. Etsy's policies say that you can communicate with customers about specific orders (transactional emails). But you can't send marketing emails (newsletters and the like) without consent. Every email we send has to do with an order, which is communication that your customers expect from you.

You can read more about it in Etsy's Seller Handbook.

How much does Craftkit cost?

We charge a 5% commission on every order we generate. We consider that an order is generated by us if a customer clicks on a recommended product in one of the emails we send out, and then buys from you within 30 days. If we don't generate new orders, you don't pay anything.

Can I try Craftkit for free?

Yes, we won't charge you for the first $100 you sell through Craftkit. When you reach that threshold, we will ask you to add your credit card to continue to use Craftkit.

I just started my Etsy shop. Is Craftkit for me?

Absolutely! Many shop owners realize after several years that they should be focusing more on existing customers. Now you have a great opportunity to start early.

I am busy. How much time does it take getting started?

It's a simple process, and you can get started in less than a minute. Once up and running, we will help you make modifications for a better result.

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