What are traffic sources on Etsy?

Published by Mattias
Last updated January 28, 2020

By looking at your shop's traffic sources, you will get an understanding of how your visitors find you. For most shops on Etsy, the majority of the traffic comes from people who browse and search Etsy. Only relying on traffic from Etsy can be risky, so it is often a good idea to keep track of how other traffic sources are performing, for example, social media and search engines.

Common groupings for traffic sources:

  • Direct traffic - Visitors that arrive directly at your shop by either typing the URL into the browser, clicking on a link in a text message or email, or clicking on a bookmark. Indicates how your email or text message marketing is going, and it may also mean that you have a strong brand.
  • Referring traffic - Visitors that arrive at your shop from a link on another site. Traffic from social media belongs to this group.
  • Search engine traffic - Visitors that arrive at your shop from links on a search result page for search engines, for example, Google, Yahoo!, DuckDuckGo, and Bing.

Track where your visitors are coming from:

  • Etsy Stats
  • Google Analytics

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