COVID-19 update: Craftkit is now free

Published by Andreas
Last updated March 26, 2020

Craftkit is now free

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

COVID-19 has turned life upside down for millions of people around the world. Being quarantined, being laid off, and of course, actually being infected by the virus, are some examples of how COVID-19 has affected people's lives.

Small business owners are one group of people that have been economically affected. Etsy sellers belong to this group, even if we so far might have had more luck than for example forcefully closed brick and mortar stores, that see their revenue go down to zero in an instant. One of the blessings of selling online.

But an economic downturn is set to affect us Etsy sellers as well, even though to which extent is not clear. We're yet to see any signs of a resolution to the situation and it looks like we have a rough time in front of us. That's why we have decided to do the little we can to support Etsy sellers through this.

We're making Craftkit completely free

Craftkit is still a young project and it's not our primary source of income. Because of the uncertain future, we anticipate that many will be reluctant to sign up for paid services like Craftkit, even though we have done our best to adapt prices by shop size.

Since Craftkit is such a young project, feedback is so very important to us. We have to make sure that we continue to build tools that make Etsy shops successful and easy to manage. That is going to be difficult if our number of users stagnates.

We are excited to announce that effective today, we make Craftkit completely free. Even if you are an existing customer or if you are thinking about signing up, Craftkit is now free. Everyone with an expired trial will also get their account reactivated. Anyone who has thought about for example getting started with email marketing or getting control over profit and other stats, this is the time to do it.

The only thing we ask in return is your honest feedback and ideas about how to make Craftkit better. Of course, this is not a requirement in any way, but it is highly, highly appreciated. We welcome all feedback and feature requests to

Craftkit will eventually become a paid service again. But to whom it will apply and what the pricing will look like, we don't know at this moment. What we can promise, though, is that anyone who signs up now will be grandfathered for a long time when we eventually make Craftkit paid.

To summarize, COVID-19 gave us all lemons, and we have decided to make lemonade. Maybe it's something you can do as well, by trying something new for your shop. Thank you for reading and we hope you take us up on our offer and give Craftkit a try!

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